An Academy is a learning environment were scholars, students and/or alumni from Aiducation International and/or partner organisations work together with mentors, students and specialists for a set period (e.g. 5 days). The mentors are professionals who possess specialist skills that they are willing to share with our scholars, students and/or alumni. The mentors are staff members that are working for one of our partner organisations.

Aiducation runs a number of different mentorship skills and training academies both in Kenia and the Philippines each year. These academies currently take place for about 10 weeks per year with the aim to inspire young adults, to help them develop crucial skills and to offer them an insight into the private, public and charity sector. The mentors are staff that work for a local, national or international organisation.

Our acadmies are focus on multiple topics - for instance we run an academy called »Realizing your potential« - for our new students that have just started with their scholarship and high school. The »Start Up academy« is to inspire students to come up with their own business ideas and to assist them in becoming entrepreneurs. 

You find all information about upcoming academies in the event section


Realizing your Potential Academy

During Aiducations “Realizing your Potential Academy” participants get introduced to Aiducation, academic excellence and career guidance. This is the “mother” of all of our Academies, it helps onboard all our AiduTalents who have recently received a scholarship and delivers the original idea of the “education to aid” concept.

During this week AiduFellows will be coached and mentored by our AiduAlumni that graduated High School successfully and know exactly what it means to be part of the Aiducation-Family, to manage the scholarship, how to deal with peer pressure and how to excel academically in High School. They are happy to share their experiences and challenges they had with you.
Additionally, throughout the week you will not only learn a lot but you will also think of ideas on how to build a better Kenya and will develop one of your ideas further. By the end of the week AiduFellows have the possibility to present your idea to the audience.
The participants of this academy not only profit from the big knowledge transfer and the experiences of our AiduAlumni, but will also have a lot of fun meeting other AiduFellows, playing games and going on an excursion.

"I lack words for the academy, it was extremely fantastic, awesome but most of all very educative. Thank you so much." - B.W. Academy Participant, 2018

What’s next academy

This Academy is designed for students that just finished their last year of High School. During 1.5 very intensive but also fun days, the participants learn more about their own personality traits and gain insights in the live on campus from current university students. Besides this the, participants are introduced to Aiducation's further Mentorship Academies and the Network of AiduAlumni.  In general as the Academy name already says, it's all about the question "What's Next?".

"Thank you for the great opportunity to learn, have fun, meet our Aiducation family and open our minds." - J.M. Academy Participant, 2017


BDO Financial Literacy Academy

During this academy, the participants will reflect their relationship towards money. The participants gain crucial knowledge for a stable financial future, get prepared for challenges and temptation of the consumer society and learn how to prevent situations of financial indebtedness. The experts of BDO address important topics like Budgeting, the balance sheet and many more.

“I would really like to appreciate the BDO financers for planning this programme, because it has really changed my point of view towards managing my finances” – A.K. Academy Participant, 2017


Swiss Re Corporate Career Academy

The Corporate Career Academy co-organized by Aiducation International and Swiss Re will improve the participants knowledge and skills in CV and cover letter writing, job search methods, practice job interviews and increased awareness of personal qualities and needs. During the academy, corporate experts are offering 1:1 mentoring and career coaching. At the end of the academy, the participants will directly network with industry partners in the Kenyan job market. We have worked with companies such as BDO East Africa, Strathmore University, EY Kenya, Nestle , Syngeta and Mastercard Foundation in the past Academies.

"It was such an incredible awesome week, with lots of learning and acquiring of new skills that are pertinent to our career path" - E.W. Academy Participant, 2018


Swiss Re Start-Up Academy

The Swiss Re Start Up Academy is one of our signature academies every AiduTalent should go through. It is co-organized by Aiducation International and Swiss Re. During the Academy you will learn how to turn any business idea you have into practice. For that, it absolutely doesn’t matter if that business is more of a profit making or rather a charity, if you plan to become an entrepreneur already or not. In fact, it doesn’t even matter if you already have a business idea or not. The only two things we expect from you are (1) to not exclude that you might want to become an entrepreneur and (2) to show interest and willingness to learn and develop yourself during the Academy. Topics we will talk about during the Academy are: business model with need and solution, sales, marketing strategy, financial projections, and how to build a good team to actually implement those ideas. During this week you will be coached by local coaches and a team of Swiss Re employees from all over the world. This is the perfect opportunity to discover your entrepreneurial skills.

"The academy has sparked the interest of entrepreneurship in me and I look forward to being and entrepreneur someday." - D.M. Academy Participant, 2018


Swiss Re Entrepreneurship Academy

The Swiss Re Entrepreneurship Academy is an Academy that targets entrepreneurs among our pool of AiduTalents who have received funding from Aiducation’s Startup Fund after attending a Start Up Academy. It is co-organized by Aiducation International and Swiss Re and enables entrepreneurs to share their experiences, refresh and deepen some of the key entrepreneurship concepts from the Start-up Academy, and deep-dive into the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, and strategies of their own business. Therefore the key topics of this Academy are:
1. Value Addition and Lean Canvas
2. Finance Management
3. Effective Marketing and Sales Strategy
4. Business Strategy
5. Scaling your Business
6. Managing your Workforce

"This academy was a must attend thing for all entrepreneus in the world." - G.J. Acaemy Participant, 2017



Zühlke Innovation Academy 

The Innovation Academy will give participants an idea of how to work in a globel setting, introduce them to design thinking methods, creativity enhancement tactics and cross-cultural communication. Besides that the participants will learn about the positive sides of failure and get the chance to interact with inspiring and innovative mentors from our corporate partner.

“At the end of the academy, I was able to fully grasp that failing is also significant in reaching a refined output. Failing doesn’t meant that you have to stop, but a way to understand whare are the courses of action you can take to reach success” – R.V. Academy Participant, 2018



Leadership Academy

In this interactive and challenging academy, the future leaders of their countries further develop their soft skills and learn important methods and tools for their careers. The topics of this 5-day academy are amongst others: Problem Solving, People Management, Public Speaking, Networking and Self Branding. Multiple 1:1 Mentoring sessions with local and international leaders complete this wholesome programme.

“I am more than grateful to receive such important training in leadership, I am now equipped to take life more confident and grow professionally. I leave this academy reenergized and determined to pursue my personal ventures” J.K. – Academy Participant, 2017



Economy Weeks

Economy Weeks are project weeks that have for many years provided first business experience for students at higher level secondary schools.. During an Economy Week, the one-week computer-based economic simulation WIWAG® helps students take on the role of managing a company. As in the real business world, the students have to develop strategies for their Economy Week companies, competing with one another and thereby learn to understand the activities of their competitors and the development of the market, organise themselves, put marketing concepts into practice and make a great number of decisions. Participants experience the way a company functions in the market in a reality-based way. They are challenged to manage their companies in a creative and responsible manner. They absorb knowledge of economic matters through their own intense activity and interest in economic matters is aroused.


The Economy Weeks

“I enjoyed the whole competition of the companies because it teaches us lessons from our mistakes. Our decisions were enhanced more.” – S.D. Academy Participant, 2016



The Swiss Study Foundation Weeks

This 10-day academy brings together high-potential students from Switzerland and the Philippines/Kenya to discuss and develop solutions for the most pressing issues of our time like renewable energy and urban mobility.  The academy topics are based on the United Nationas Sustainable Development Goals. Additionally, it gives the participants the opportunity to create new friendships with high potential students  form other countries.

“The academy has had a big impact on my personal life, my goals and ambitions too. My focus has shifted from just Kenya to the world as a whole” – L.K. Academy Participant, 2017


Synpulse Projet Management Academy

Project Management skills are very important for each manager, this academy gives participants a basic knowledge about the different tools and concepts of project management. Participants learn to improve their presentation skills, and go through the different phases of a project from the planning to the evaluation.

“The Synpulse Project Management Academy was an informative, inspirational and impactful training that thought me the essentials of managing all sorts of projects and inspired me to not be afraid of pursuing huge endeavours in the future.” – L.C. Academy Participant, 2017


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