Pathwys to Higher Education


Pathways to Higher Education

In February 2014, Aiducation expanded its reach into the Philippines where many students are challenged by structural problems of the educational sector, similar to Kenya, where Aiducation started in 2007. Thanks to a partnership with “Pathways to Higher Education – Philippines”, our local partner organization in Manila, Aiducation’s expansion into the Philippines can count on specific know-how and an established network. Solvie T. Nubla-Lee, the managing director of Pathways, guided Aiducation to develop a program that differs from Kenya based on the needs of students in the Philippines. The focus on education and mentorship are the same, but students in the four year Aiducation-Pathways program join two years before high school graduation with a focus on tutoring, mentoring and college entrance exam preparation that extends through the first two years of university.


Our Story 

Higher Education serves as a secure pathway to reducing poverty and bettering the lives of individuals and communities with more choices and possibilities. But this pathway does not occur for over 3 in 10 Filipino students who even hardly attain basic and secondary education in the country. The challenge of making higher education accessible for all youth cannot be managed by a single endevour. It demands a communal effort of different groups of people from all sectors that will work towards equal access to quality higher education and more sustainable future.

                     Pathways to Higher Education takes part in the movement of providing beyond conventional solutions along with its local and international partners. By identifying high potential public high school students from the grassroots and equipping them with the necessary academic and soft skills, Pathways is working towards developing a cadre of next generation leaders from the grassroots.                     

                     Pathways’ beginnings can be traced to a group of sophomore college students who responded to Ateneo’s call for them to be men and women for others.  By putting up a humble “summer school” program, they teach deserving but underprivileged public high school students advanced Math, Science and English subjects to increase their likelihood of getting accepted by big universities and colleges. What they thought would be a one-summer deal has today blossomed into a comprehensive program that realizes potential and nurtures tomorrow’s leaders. 

                        Since then, Pathways helped develop the overarching program that to date, has helped shape about 360 college graduates and leaders. All of whom were shepherded through the six year program starting in their junior year in high school until college graduation.

                        The Pathways program is made possible by the generous and unwavering support from our donors, volunteers, partner colleges and universities and likeminded organizations and corporations who have been our true partners in our mission. Their generosity has enabled us to bridge more students to pursue quality higher education that empowers them to be leaders – the kind our country and the world needs right now.


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